Our intent is to present information truthfully and completely. Some may seem farfetched, but real. Perhaps it is. Some may seem unreal. Perhaps it isn't. To fully understand will require reaching beyond an accustomed grasp of reality into realms beyond the physical and dimensions beyond the familiar three.

This website is constructed in a way that, for the most part, does not conform to established design and navigation. The purpose is to help loosen your grip on the way things are, the way they have been, and the way they're "supposed" to be. By providing a virtual environment that departs from the familiar, we hope to introduce and acclimate you to the content, most likely unfamiliar, since it involves a multidimensional reality. More on this to come.

This is not a place for quick answers, but somewhere to slow down, relax, and allow realizations to rise from within. If this process is new to you, we can assure you it works far more effectively than the intellectual probing you may be more accustomed to. It draws on a much broader and deeper Source of Knowing. The nature and severity of the challenges we face require an unfettered, innovative approach that the intellect alone simply cannot deliver.

Navigating parts of this website will be similar to walking a labyrinth. Unlike a maze, there are no dead ends. A labyrinth is a simple path that leads to a central point. The way out is the reverse of the way in. When walking to a destination, the objective is getting there. When walking a labyrinth, the objective is relaxing into an open state of mind where deeper understandings and intuitive realizations can take place. There is an art to it that involves patience and calmness in knowing the path is designed for transformation and realization, not speed. So we encourage you to let the path set the pace as you move in and out, not a perhaps more accustomed habit of rushing through a website.

Some paths will have no way to go other than simply moving forward. Here you are encouraged to trust, remain in the present, and proceed.

We have chosen this relaxed manner of presentation even though our message is urgent and the dangers are great. As Dr. Manning has shown, it is important to foster calmness, especially when circumstances are prone to inducing fear. In calmness, creativity can flourish. Through creativity, cooperation, and the conviction of our connection with all Life and all Nature, we can meet the challenges with our best efforts.

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