The Society of Folk are beings of Light from a realm in the 11th dimension pervaded with Pure Love. They live in kinship and service to Mother Earth. Long ago, the Society's ancient and hallowed Book of Symbols prophesied a time of great imbalance, when ignorance and fear would threaten to overrun the planet, endangering all life. To forestall this calamity, for millennia the Folk have distilled Love from their realm into liquid jewels of dew and delivered them daily—by the quintillions—to Mother Earth. Folk Gift Bearers infuse them into the planet’s innocents: Her plants, trees, rocks, soils, and waters. In this way, they have been able to surround us with pure, unconditional Love, when we have not had the capacity to accept it directly ourselves.

But these efforts alone have not been enough to forestall the danger. Our own darkness now threatens to envelop the planet. The time has come when we must
identify with Love and directly participate in a Great Shift in consciousness,. To this end, the Folk have brought the 4 books of The Folk of Yore to Dr, Manning and now to you.

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