About Us

We, the Folk, are many things to many people. For some we are ever present reminders of who they are, for others intermittent sources of inspiration and for others yet, totally unknown to the conscious mind. Yet we exist for all, for we exist in the dimension of pure love, which is every person’s birthright. We live as one with Nature, which is every person’s birthright.

To me the Folk are my brethren. I can’t remember a time before them and I can’t imagine a time without them. Although they aren’t always evident, I know they are always here – with me, with you, with us all.

Aurbey Manning

The Folk Symbol Sanctuary

Albeit mine experiences with the Folk be from a different time and place, they are the same as thine.   The Folk are timeless.

Aurial of Darluse Wood

The Folk Symbol To Maroth

Though the Folk exist beyond thy boundaries of third dimensional perception: space, time, body, and mind, still they are intimate with thee and  aware of thy situation, thy wants and needs. Though ye may not yet see them, still they surround ye.

Master Armaton

The Folk Symbol Temperance

The Folk are gangsters. They are always there to help you break down the walls – whatever barriers you have created for yourself. With them all things are possible.

Harold Skirtlandt

The Folk Symbol, Possibilities

We exist, as you do, to bring love. While you have forgotten what you know, we are happy to act as a constant, gentle reminder until our services as such are no longer needed.

Queen Veridia

The Folk Symbol The Queen

You can speak about good and love until the cows come home. We live in a world of different realities. People are blind to what is truly good for them, and are happy to relinquish their power, not to the Folk, but to other flesh and blood people who know better.

Breck von Hass

The Folk Symbol Ignorance

The Folk are a perpetual gift. They persist generation after generation, regardless of man’s actions and thoughts. We are blessed to have them, if only we could realize it.

Kamala, Ashvin, Prabhas, Nirmala Gandhi

The Folk Symbol Right of Passage



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